Demo Reel Mentorship

Jason's mentorship will help you land your dream job by providing professional-level polish to your reel. If you are a recent animation program graduate or have entry-level work experience, you qualify. To request a mentorship please provide a link to your demo reel — Jason will review it and reply ASAP.

Mentorship: What You Get

Qualified individuals will work directly with Jason, one-to-one with draw-overs and video chats. You'll learn professional polish tips and techniques. For example, with an acting shot, explore audio clip ideas, acting scenarios, staging, creative ideas, gathering suitable video reference, blocking and final polish. For a body mechanics shot you'll find out how to obtain great reference, get supporting camera staging, and push weight, timing and texture.

Make your best shot awesome! Create an stand-out character acting performance that will be sure to get noticed.

Cost is $100/hr. We can provide an estimate for your project.

Mentorship requirements
  • Animation experience.
  • A demo reel.
  • Needed rigs.
  • A computer.
  • Animation software.