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Jason offers Master Class programs for groups, and a Demo Reel mentorship for qualified indivduals. He has been an Animation Mentor instructor since 2006.

Jason at promised land

Jason speakeing at the Promised Land animation festival, Lódź, Poland.

"It was awesome having Jason speak, he has such a gift to inspire all levels of animators. The best thing is that he has very broad experience in animation, so he really knows what he's talking about." — Sebastian Kalemba | Animation Director at CDProjekt Red | Promised Land Program Director

Master Class Program

Jason Presentation

Jason's experience working on feature films and "triple A" video game projects has provided him with a distinct skill set (see the recent project posters on this page). He offers this knowledge and expertise to VFX studios and game companies through his Master Class training program.

The Master Class is a custom service tailored to your specific needs. Jason comes to your location and provides a hands-on learning experience for your team of animators. It is offered in a flexible format and is designed to make it easy for you to fit it into a busy production schedule, and your budget.

The result of the program is a visible improvement in the quality of your team's animation. Master Class includes lectures, example clips, tips and tricks, and one-on-one critiques, with training in any (or all) of the following subjects:

  • Acting
  • Anticipation
  • Breakdowns
  • Spacing
  • Weight
  • Mechanics
  • Posing
  • Creature Animation
  • Workflow
  • Video Reference
  • Smear Frames
  • Character Personality Development
  • Stylizing and Caricature
  • Combat
  • Cycles
  • Eyes and Brow
  • Lip Sync
  • Staging

Master Class Comments

During animation production on ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2’ we had a weekly series of animation talks for the crew to discuss different workflows and approaches to animating. Jason gave a wonderful and inspiring talk. Not only was the lecture about his own workflow, but Jason pointed to many film references that had inspired him in his career. The lecture was one of the most successful in the series and really excited the animators. Afterwords, many of the animators requested his teaching materials to reference as they worked. From his lectures you can get a sense of the passion Jason has not only for his work but also his passion in being a teacher. Tim Pixton - Pixar Studios - Supervising Animator on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Jason was one of my first mentors at Animation Mentor. From day one of his class it was apparent he has an infectious passion for animation. His incredible and vast knowledge of the art form, moral support and a keen eye for detail were very encouraging and helpful with improving my animation skills. Once I graduated from the Animation Mentor program Jason and I kept in touch. Working along side Jason was a terrific experience as it gave me the opportunity to further my learning while working on the same production. The entire animation team was lucky enough to receive a lecture which was well received by the crew. I really enjoyed training under Jason's mentorship and I highly recommend it to any aspiring animators. Avner Engel - Sony Pictures Imageworks, Animation Mentor alum
Jason visited us in January this year (2013), for an animation master class organized by our company, Lionhead Studios, from the UK. It was an amazing week filled with lots of tips and tricks and a large number of excellent animation examples, many of which were Jason's but also samples from his past and present co-workers. 5 days felt way too short! Jason covered pretty much all the aspects of animation, also with focus on specific work that was relevant for our current project. It was great fun taking part in this experience and having Jason to mentor us for a week, critiquing our work and giving some quality feedback on tests we did during this course. All in all - a great experience for me and truly one of the best moments in my career as an animator - I really hope I'll be lucky to do it again in the future! Virgil Tanasa, Lionhead Studios, UKMaster Class at Lionhead Studios

Master class at Lionhead Studios, UK (Jason in white hat).

The animation workshop was very inspiring and worthwhile for the team here at Lionhead, we covered a wide range of subjects, as well as some practical exercises towards the end of the week. The personal critiquing and practical exercises towards the end of the course was the highlight for me, here we could experiment and apply what we had learnt from the lectures at the start of the week. In addition to Jason's personal knowledge and experience, he gathered a variety of information from other professionals within the industry providing a wealth of information for future reference. James Galipeau, Lionhead Studios, UK
Jason did two classes for us, one geared towards seniors and one towards juniors. Both were filled with a lot of great information and practices that have pushed the skills of all of our staff. His passion and excitement for his craft comes across in his lectures and keeps them very entertaining. Chris Hankewich | Animation Supervisor | DHX Studios
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